kitchen progress

Our electrician came and kicked off phase 2 for us. As you can see from here, not too much has visually changed, what it did do was allow us to move things around so that we can start building! Hooray!photo 1

By moving around the stove outlet and removing that old ugly handing pendant light, we finally put our stove over in the nook. And this is where the building will start.

range corner



Look how much brighter it is already? I love it. We are working on dimensions and I will admit I am still join back and forth between the 3 and 2 drawer option above or doing a 3 and 4 drawer option… Decisions, decisions!photo 2

By moving the table temporarily over here, I am seeing how we really use this space when it doesn’t have a stove. It definitely solidified my desire to have the pantry cupboards to the right of the fridge, but I am thinking about the built-in vs. pull out selves inside these. Here is my original 3

Not much will happen on this side for a while. I think we will make our way around the room the nook to the fridge side and clockwise around. Eventually added outlets would be nice. (ahhh, old houses…)photo 4And the new plan. Ta-da! I am very excited about this one. What do you think? Remember the oven/range will be in the nook corner.

kitchen corner


One thought on “kitchen progress

  1. I’d love to see the final nook converted into stove/cooking area? i’m thinking of doing the same thing but all the people I talk to are trying to talk me out of it. I want to sooo bad! 🙂

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