a bit more

Expanding on my thoughts about the kitchen from last week. We’ve been discussing (and thinking, and sketching and talking and thinking some more…) and making plans for the big kitchen update. I, of course, decided to get all these ideas stuck up in my head onto paper or the computer. The room itself is fairly spacious, and originally we contemplated keeping some sort of “eat-in” option in the kitchen, but that’s just not us, besides the dining room is mere feet away. I love the idea of lots of counter space, oodles of gorgeous marble to spread out on and make sugar cookies and such. Doesn’t that sound nice, especially set under those windows with pretty spot lights above, like this Satellite sconce. I would love lots of large drawers that roll out and contain deep storage and pantry items.

photo 2

photo 3

photo 5

These are just preliminary (definitely unmeasured) drawings, sketches really. But you get the idea. The nook area will be a major focal point with the stove/oven combo centered. Marble backsplash going all the way up the wall. The drawers are pretty set in stone. Used mostly for baking supplies, pots + pans. Simpler lighting to really emphasize that marble wall and arch. Modern appliances and drawer pulls will counter nicely to the black and white tile and the overall older feeling of the house. Can’t stay too much in one era or its starts to feel like a museum. So, what do you think? I am getting pretty excited about getting started.
range corner

kitchen corner


2 thoughts on “a bit more

  1. love the plan! this could really be a fun project! after seeing how nice other kitchens are after their remodel, we should really think of starting ours!!

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