don’t be such a knob.

The new brass knobs finally arrived. I immediately put them on the shelf in Coco’s room. I’ve still got to repaint this shelf, so don’t worry when you can see the ancient (albeit lead based) pep to bizmal pink color behind the knobs.

photo 4photo 1

See, aren’t they so shiny and pretty? Right now the dresser is a very faded matte black. I am debating between white (like the trim — called alabaster to be correct), or a more “built-in” look in Mangrove shade (the new color of the walls). The inside is a shade of super pale peachy pink, that I don’t think I have anymore. I do like that it is lighter. Would the entire thing in black be too much?

photo 3 photo 4

Don’t you just love the new green walls? A much more grow up take, compared to the chartreuse which was here earlier. You see below, that I finished painting (hooray!). You might ask what is going on with that last white wall. I have a plan! It is going to be floor to ceiling shallow floating shelves, in a decent natural finish, nothing to polished. Right now I am looking at ways to build it, consulting my handy husband, of course!

photo 5

So, what do y’all think — black, white, green or something else??? for the shelf? Those brass knobs are totally worth the wait!


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