summer wish list

Summer has arrived! Right? Not so much this week where I am. But that’s okay, we’ll celebrate anyway with a wish list round-up.

summer wishlist

BOWLS — fabulous on our bookshelves + to hold stuff, right?
PRINT — wouldn’t this be perfect in coco’s room?
CANDLESTICKS — ideal for romantic (midcentury) date nights, am I right?
MOUSEPAD — need a new one, love the soft grey felt.
PENDANT — for the office, the new white walls are dying for some bling!
COOKBOOK — fell in love with her blog, need the book to bake more!
CUBES — more adorable shelf jewelry.
BLANKET — one can never have too many blankets!
BUTTER DISH — the kitty has eater the butter one to many times.
ICE CREAM MAKER — I keep finding AMAZING ice cream recipes, but they all call for an ice cream maker, go figure?
TRIVET — functional and gorgeous, who can deny it? I heart Scandinavia!


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