fan girl moment

Oh my gosh! so, you might’ve noticed that I’ve been off and gone doing non-bloggy things for a few days. Turns out, we kinda were. Me and the Prof, took at drive down to LA, for a relaxing vacation, hanging out by a pool, shopping, thrifting, eating way too much and (did I already say) hanging out by the pool. There was definitely much of that! One thing high on our to-do list was a stop at the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena. Can I just say, that this was huge! I mean imagine a state fair only, every booth and ride is really a antique/thrift/junk booth. So many people. We did walk away with a rug (more on that soon).

Back tracking, when we planned this trip, I had first learned about this flea market from Emily Henderson, A blogger, tv host and generally awesome designer/person. So, it goes without saying knowing she shops there herself, I had hoped to run into her. (You know, so I could appropriately freak out and fawn over how amazing she is.) Well, when we got there all hopes dashed as the place literally had about 30,000 people attending, not including all the booth vendors. Well, I am a lucky girl, because as we came around the corner in the vintage/antiques section, I spotted her and ran, barely indicating to the Prof, why I was off in a dash. (He likely figured it out.) I chatted with her about how we are both from Oregon, how inspiring her blog is and where the good rugs were. I was smitten the rest of the day. Thank you for being so cool, Emily! I adore you even more.



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