bathroom checklist

My favorite part of this room is by far the claw foot tub. I painted it black around our third day living in this house. And have loved it ever since. We’ve added new light fixtures, but besides that most of my heavy thinking has been spent on how to tile the space and which tiles to use. I keep going back to the image below.

marble subway

Going back and forth looking at so many tile patterns. Because the ceiling are so, I’d really like to use that to my advantage. Here are my ideas:

  1. Tile the entire lower half of the bathroom walls in a subway pattern. (This would be the more traditional route.)
  2. Tile the lower half in subway, the upper half behind the shower in herringbone.
  3. Tile the lower half and the full wall behind the shower in herringbone (no subway pattern.)
  4. Tile the entire room in subway. (The most outrageous idea, inspired by the image below.)

full tile

Two things are definite. Inky black 2″ hexagon tile will be used for the floor and all the pipes and faucets will be in brass to match the rest of the house’s fixtures. Also, I am thinking that the subway tiles should actually be a marble to add some texture and depth. And perhaps in an unusual size? What do you think about this? Too much? Not crazy enough? It is just a bathroom after all. It should be fun (I think…) I am tied between idea #2 + #4. Thanks goodness for PINTEREST, definitely gives my brain a break. Here is the real loo current day.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

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