we’ve named our ferns

A little yard update. Our yard officially contains a lawn! Yay! It still needs work, but this is major progress, folks! We are going to add a few hostas, a bunch of azaleas, and it wants to be mowed, but I am so worried about squishing it, that we haven’t yet. (Nor am I apparently ready to remove the neon pink “stay off” ribbon yet either!!) You can easily tell our new rhodys from the old rhodys. And all the newly named ferns are from the north side of the house and are thriving so far. Keep your fingers crossed!

photo 1 copy photo 4 photo 3 photo 2NAMESMATHILDA

Meet Mathilde, Margrethe, Maxima, Elizabeth, and Carl Gustav. Besides Carl Gustav, they are all named after current queens of Belgium, Denmark, The Netherlands, Great Britain, and The King of Sweden. We still have a few ferns around the side of the house perhaps we will get a Sonja, Sofia and Maria Theresa.


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