may pole

It’s already that time again — Our sweet Coco Juniper’s birthday! Last year we celebrated fiesta-style on Cinco de Mayo, this year we are celebrating today with a May Pole, since she loves chasing string I thought she might like her very own beribboned kitty may pole. I put it together in a snap and shot photos of the steps if you’d like to make one of your very own.

photo 1 copy 2

Step 1. Gather ribbon and scissors. (a stick + rubber band, too)

photo 3

Step 2. Cut ribbon to desired lengths. (mine are about 18″)


Step 3. Tie ribbons very tight with rubber band. Disguise rubber band by knotting a short ribbon over the rubber band.


Step. 4 Take the stick and push it up into the ribbon.


Tada! You are done! You may also tie the rubber band directly around the ribbon + stick, but I found kitty was able to loosen it fairly quickly.


Coco and her new may pole. She is a happy purring girl now.


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