While in Stockholm, we decided to take a sort of side trip. So one day, we boarded a ridiculously large, but sadly empty cruise ship to visit Tallinn, Estonia. This place had a very different feel to it. Tallinn is one of the very few cities to have the old city walls still nearly intact. The language was wild and so were the people, so lively and passionate. Although it was pretty cold while we were there, we still hiked all over the hills, saw old palaces, government buildings and a ornate Russian Orthodox Cathedral. See my other recent travel posts here from England + Wales, Norway, and Sweden.


Tallinn, Estonia. A portion of the old wall in Toompea.


Tallinn, Estonia. A view from the top of the old city wall out towards the sea.


Tallinn, Estonia. Navy & light pink buildings in the old town square. My favorite building color combination.


Tallinn, Estonia. A view down the street inside the old city wall.


Tallinn, Estonia. One of the existing towers still standing in the old city wall.


Tallinn, Estonia. Church steeple near the oldest part of the city.


Tallinn, Estonia. Looking down the hill from Toompea.


Tallinn, Estonia. Tile roofs + stone fronts.


Tallinn, Estonia. Old town square.


Tallinn, Estonia. Jumping in front of pink stripes.


Tallinn, Estonia. Looking up at the intact old city wall.


Tallinn, Estonia. Showing a portion of one of the few openings in the old city wall.


Placemat map from the cruise ship, shows the course we followed to get to Tallinn and back from Stockholm.


Tallinn, Estonia. In front of the pink government building, which used to be a palace.


Tallinn, Estonia. The gorgeous Russian Orthodox church.


One thought on “Estonia

  1. the boat ride was an experience. remember the crazy icelanders singing in the “english” pub? they were pretty funny. and the rowdy group of estonian kids that got super wasted, one guy lost his shoe during the night. they didn’t look that good the next morning. glad that the return trip was full of quite & polite swedes. highlight was the russian orthodox church. beautiful.

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