well curated: the spring table

Doesn’t spring just bring out your love of pastels? I’ve compiled a few of my favorite table settings (from instagram) to inspire my easter table this weekend. From modern patterns and plate shapes, to vintage plates and ethereal flowers. I love them all. They each feel fresh and clean, just like spring—
68f1e5c5f0fabf05d12ac03c67a24a42 136da1782c5ec36c21fb6277b3afdf29 e9f8110314536c0557eaeb282fb0efcc 29a51b74fa43cf626ea8c7eaea3ad854 7e7d1a24e6e46682bf9d55d25b87a62d b36c649399682da81138352c7d220708 07c827d34ac8ad807b52f09fff25a5e1 55f26c68e3264e2c5b7e2342e0675912 b90f76111edafc02907a3441057e950b


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