Brace yourself! There were so many photos to choose from, it was difficult for me to narrow them down. These are from our arrival in Bergen, our trip through the Fjords, into the tiny town of Flam, the long and likely most beautiful train ride to Oslo, then of course the city itself. We both LOVED Norway for so many reasons, but the people we stayed with were especially generous. The terrain and landscape in many places was reminiscent of Oregon, others was unlike anything we had seen. You may find Part 1 of our trip photos here.


Bergen, Norway. View down into city centre.


Bergen, Norway, view across the Bay of the UNESCO World Heritage site. Look at all those peaked roofs + colors.


Bergen, Norway. In the UNESCO World Heritage Site, beneath the meandering roofline. Deep shadows mean it was as cold as it looks.


Bergen, Norway. Beautiful signage. I love all those letters.


Bergen, Norway. The detail in architecture and tiled roofs were absolutely delightful.


Bergen, Norway. Walking down a quaint street, more tiled roofs and playful paint colors.


Oslo, Norway. The ultra modern and sleek Opera House.


Oslo, Norway. View from the Opera House, complete with a peak of the iceberg sculpture in the bay.


Oslo, Norway. Gorgeous detailing and brilliant colors found throughout the city.


Oslo, Norway. City Hall Interior. Gorgeous nordic style painting. So much different than the murals in the more southern european style.


Found my heart in Oslo, Norway.


Oslo, Norway. Beautiful leaves in the park and great signage. I loved the language.


Oslo, Norway. Vegeland Sculpture Park in autumn.


A quick photo-op stop on our train ride through the Fjords, Norway.


Riding the Flamsbana train to the tiny town of Flam, Norway. Gorgeous views of waterfalls and the fjords.


Flam, Norway. The brightly painted train station in the foot of the fjords and massive hillsides.


Fjords, Norway. On the boat, slowly coasting by tiny villages and the most picturesque views.


A bit of Norwegian pride, aboard the ship riding through the Fjords, Norway.


View from the train leaving Flam, Norway. The changing leaves and varied landscapes are beautiful.


View from the upper deck on our boat ride through the Fjords, Norway.


Fjords, Norway. View from the back of the ship as we floated along.

2 thoughts on “Norway

  1. my favorite was myrdal. a town of 4 buildings, one of which was the train station. at least we chatted with some nice texans while we waited for the oslo train. then we got into super late and stig picked us up at the train station. best hosts ever.

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