grass roots

yard plans

Work continues on the front lawn. We literally have a lawn now! I saw the first little blades peaking through just this morning. I never thought I would be this excited about grass or stone. Since I posted this design plan, you can see things have changed. At that point we were still thinking the garage would be built off the back alley. After going back and forth with multiple versions of a shed, garage, east facing, west-facing, etc etc… we’ve decided to keep the driveway in it’s current location and concentrate on building a garage this summer. (Not to mention, we still have to finish painting the exterior — lucky for us, it’s all the hard-to-reach spots left!) Down the line, we’ll re-do the driveway and our plan right now is to pave two smaller strips with grass in between and shrubs (azaleas, ferns, hostia & forsythia) along the sides, you know for beautification.

Steps still to go:

  1. Finish painting the house.
  2. Driveway removal.
  3. Build a garage from the ground up.
  4. Repave the driveway.
  5. Level the terrain.
  6. Purchase + build a short stone garden wall.
  7. Plant the new grass!
  8. Remove a portion of existing fence, add a gate.
  9. Add shrubbery along the driveway (front yard shrubby done).

We’ve actually added steps! Yikes! At least a few have been crossed out. And the yard is looking more gorgeous than ever!


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