house progress: a plan for the kitchen

sarahs kitchen

My dad is redoing his kitchen and took me by the granite/marble shop the other day. Imagine my delight, when the very next day, one of my favorite blogs featured exactly the counter and back splash I have been dreaming about. Sarah used the calacatta gold marble I love! I am still wavering a bit on an apron sink. This is a gorgeous example. I do definitely want a sunken sink and single drive faucet, the copper is especially pretty. But that back splash and counter as the same marble is so gorgeous and so simple.


My problem isn’t really the material or colors (I still want to marry those countertops above, aren’t they gorgeous?!) My real trouble is the layout, as with most older homes, it had a giant stove at one point, an ice box in the adjacent porch/mudroom. We’d like to keep the original cabinetry, but need to build up something more functional around the stove. Two appliances jammed next to each other is not classy.cabinetry, but need to build up something more functional around the stove. Two appliances jammed next to each other is not classy.


So here’s my plan:

kitchen plan

And a few ideas…


1. Under the arched “nook” (the current microwave + the table it sits on would be removed) replaced by a new gas range, centered around two new lower cabinets (painted grey with bras hardware), and a magnificent copper hood (super modern could work too, money will likely be deciding factor), and either use herringbone tile, or marble the entire wall, with no upper cabinetry.


2. Build an ‘L’ onto the existing lower counters just below the double windows. Leaving the current cabinet configuration in place with addition of new countertops, faucet, lighting, etc… We’d lose a built-in spice cabinet that currently goes below counter height. I would utilize this lower space for a small built-in area for the microwave. A pale green Smeg would be so fun!

We plan on redoing the kitchen in small increments, although I am really craving new counters, but I have to decide on the ‘L’ before that. Come to think of it I also need to nail down which sink, faucet and hardware to use as well.


Definitely loving brass right now! This sink is amazing! And as much as I day dream about the Restoration Hardware Duluth pulls, they don’t currently carry them in brass, in fact when I talked to them they suggested I try back in a decade. Ha! What a response right?


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