Project Paint House Commences

We finally did it — bit the bullet and bought a giant 5 gallon jug of paint! Of course we had to paint a little bit to see how it looked. So as not to further scare the neighbors, we painted over our 12 swatches. Yes, there was 12, and that may or may not include all the test trim colours either! Geesh! These photos were taken this morning, before we left to walk to work, so it was early, you can see that the light was still pretty low. Either way, this colour is AMAZING. An exact match for the idea that was floating around in my head. Mostly grey, with hints of light green and a darker greener trim. All in all, the paint is very needed and mostly I am happy to lighten things up.

Here is the list of all the colours we chose.

What do you think? A pretty decent match to the swatch. What surprised me the most was how dark of tint you need for exterior. I had just about perfected my colour-choosing abilities in interiors and was really thrown at how light a dark colour would look outside. I am very pleased. What do you guys think? Need to see a bit more? We are planning to continue painting all summer until it’s done. Just our brushes and jugs and 80s music to keep us going.

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