day dreaming…

I know this image is of a party, a sweet baby shower actually, but what I really loved was this living room. Now, do you see why I am craving to paint the living room white. This room has all the elements I love. A quirky moroccan rug, fun pouf seating, leather sofa, and that amazing staghorn fern in the corner.
After doing a bit of “heavy thinking” and looking through my paint swatches, I put together a mini file of inspiration images, and tried to pick out what I really love about each one, to see how I could recreate the feeling or vibe of each room. To get a glimpse of how I consider a room design. Here’s the breakdown:
What I love: This one is tricky because everythign is just right for me. But specifically: rug, stool pouf + sofa colour. Shape of sofa (I mention these seperately, because i like how the yellow works with the walls and shade of the sofa, that said, I may not put these exact colours in these specific items. And I do like that mid century cut of the sofa.) Black lamp, fig tree, metal in the light fixture, basket, texture and wall colour.
What I love: Mid century leather sofa is perfect colour of natural brown leather and wonderfully worn in, The red in the rug works very well here, too. That white + the plants cool all those warm tones down.
Great example of white walls with a grey sofa, but still plenty of colour brought in through pillows and the rug. What I love: Grey sofa against white walls. Modern art. Layered rugs.
What I love: Can you guess by now? Grey sofa, rug, white walls. And I spy those staghorn ferns mounted on the wall. (Note: there will be no trapeze in my living room, in case you were wondering…)
What I love: I am obsessed with this vintage moroccan rug. And inspired by the simple ikea coffee table made unique with a touch of brass paint.
What does all this add up to? The debate continues on the grey v. leather sofa. Price might win out here. How about a leather chair? Definitely a bright and inspiring rug. Modern coffee table. And obviously I NEED to buy a staghorn fern, the house wouldn’t be complete without one. The question I have is what colour should we paint the living room? White? Grey? Keep a shade of the green already on the walls? Love this palette below. What about a light blue grey to contrast with natural leather?

Recreate this look: HD Buttercup leather sofa & rug. Moroccan PoufStaghorn fernCocktail table. I just might have to get a few of these. The more I look at this quick board and the colour palette above, the more I like it. What do you think? Oh that sofa looks great.

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