color theory 101

After months of swatches, different weather and light, looking at different angles, mulling things back and forth — we have finally, decided on a paint colour for the exterior of our house! Finally!
Would you like to know what we picked?
After 8 swatches in light green, yellow greens, 6 more blue grey, green grey and dark grey.
For the foundation (cement), we chose peppercorn.
For the trim, we chose attitude grey.
I couldn’t find a little paint swatch drip image, so you can get a glimpse of the colour in the chart above, it is the far right column, third up from bottom.
And the finale (the one you’ve all been waiting for) Drumroll, please:
For the house colour, we chose unusual grey.
Now, I know you are thinking — Wow! That is alot of grey. IT actually has quite a bit of green in it, particularly the trim. So, depending on the weather, especially the grey days, the green really shines, and I love the lighter siding colour with a darker trim, really highlights our windows and trim that makes our house such a cute bungalow cottage.
We have already started painting from the sample quarts we have, I will show a few in progress shots as we go along. I imagine choosing the colour was the easy part, (ha!)painting will be much trickier and take even longer. Wish us luck.

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