black out?

I am thinking about painting my bedroom navy blue? A deep, inky, handsome, sink your teeth in blue. This is the bedroom now. I am pretty happy with how calm it is, but when does calm become boring. I start thinking do we have to much grey? The Prof. quickly jumped on board with the navy. Even said we could paint it this week. Maybe he is bored with the grey in here too.
The colour would need to be darker than the headboard, to let it stand apart. The white in the dresser, and all the doors and window trim would really pop against a deep navy.
So, let’s look at a few inspiration images, shall we? This one below was my original inspiration image for our bedroom, the headboard is based on that sofa colour, we have the flokati rug and a similar goldenrod pillow. Although, the walls are slightly lighter and less green-hued. I would love art this like, that textural drawing is gorgeous!
This is the new inspiration image, one that I have been starring at in my pinterest files. The white lamp is key here, and the pillow draws the colour into the foreground. I love that pillow, it is sexy!

OMG! This art is to die for Look how rich and powerful it is. Will someone (ahem, MAry!) makes this for me? For us? Pretty please. Just imagine it on a deep blue wall. Wow!

Again, a terrific navy inset here. White is important. and again with that line drawing art. I need that too, Mary + Mat. Get busy creating you two!!

And here is a black wall, but I love all that’s going on here, with the wood, leather, shiny metal, white mats in all those gallery art pieces.

Now, this one is a beaut. Inky walls, aubusson rug, brass side tables, stark white linens, with pops of all sort of colour. I love it. See why I am inspired by the deep navy walls?
Question is not whether I could take the plunge and paint the room navy, but after all is is said and done, could we both really handle all that colour and saturation in a tiny bedroom? I think so. (wait for it) Challenge accepted!
NOTE: Did you like the two references to How I met your mother?

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