back splash conundrum

Don’t you just love the style of this kitchen? If only I could afford that amazing stove. Boy, is she gorgeous! When I enter back into reality — what I have really been thinking about is that backsplash. I love that it has an organic texture, but is one piece. Because our cabinetry is so large and visually takes up quite a bit of space, I am rethinking the herringbone tile backsplash. And pushing back to my original idea of a slab of marble that matches the counters, so it runs as one continuous flow up the (very short) wall to the bottom of the cabinetry.
Like so. This image below, would be very similar to our cabinets, we have a bit more space under the window though.
This one is great because it shows the marble with a more contrasting cabinet colour, like ours would have.
Below, with beautifully styled shelves. I wouldn’t need to cut off the backslash this way, again because of the low cabinets. This does bring up a dilemma, when we get to moving the stove over into what is now the breakfast nook and build cabinets on either side, I did want to add a bit of drama and have either the herringbone all the way to the ceiling or the marble slab all the way up the ceiling. Would it look odd to have marble by the sink and a herringbone by the stove? I am thinking I should commit to one style for continuity. But also, could my 93 year old kitchen plaster and lathe walls really hold the weight of (even a very slim) marble backsplash? Things to contemplate…
Now back to the herringbone idea. So simple and sweet. But is it too busy?
Shown in an entire wall without upper cabinets, it is quite beautiful. This kitchen needs a bit of colour (in my opinion) though.

All white subway tiles arranged in a herringbone pattern. I like the shelves on either side instead of upper cabinets. That was our plan for the future stove area, as it would be my baking corner.

And another dramatic view of the herringbone wall. Now can you see my conundrum? Wow— I love those pale blue fixtures.

Now, this is a stylin’ kitchen. It’s all about the marble texture, isn’t it? Really makes it feel finished. I am not totally opposed to the high gloss black cabinets either. Someday. Maybe.

And this hood, Now couldn’t you see that above the vintage modern range on a marble wall? Oh, I can see it. Yes, most definitely. (NOTE: do you see those hints of brass in the range and cabinet pulls? LOVE!!)

With a set of these organic shelves on one side to relax it a bit. I don’t want my kitchen getting an oversized ego with all it’s good-looks. Plus this would be a great place to store the easy to grab plates and water glasses.

And to put your awesome tivoli radio on, of course.

So, what do you think? Pretty please leave a comment and vote. I need feedback.
Marble backsplash on both the sink and stove walls all the way up; OR
Marble herringbone tiles on both the sink and stove walls all the way up; OR
A mix of marble slab and marble herringbone tiles? Cast your vote in the comments!

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