a sputnik in the house.

No, not a potato, that would be a spud. This sputnik is much more fabulous. And I’ve got just the place for it. Remember this design board? (The one I have been staring at for days, dreaming about how our dining room could look this good) Well, we are getting one step closer — that shiny brass light fixture at the top with all the crazy octopus arms — that beautiful thing is a vintage sputnik chandelier.
This here one is ours! Yep, I found a great deal for a true mid century sputnik and had to go for it. Don’t I have an amazing husband. Thank you! This puppy has 24 arms, and hangs just about two feet down from the ceiling. Just enough oomph to really make an impact! Pow! I love all it’s shiny goodness. And couldn’t wait to share the news. So, what do you think? To weird, to brassy? Perfectly awesome? Yep that last one, I thought you’d like it.
Look at the view from below it, like a pretty star. That’s what you will see when sitting at the table. oh, I can’t wait to have it up. I will share more photos then.
 I think i am in love (again).

One thought on “a sputnik in the house.

  1. awat pemimpin2 umno tak ada telor ke??? anatizionis ada telur tak??? tunjuklah muka n nama sebenar kalau nak minta org tunjukkan ke.nnarae.b. baru betoi2 jantannya telur

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