march cake

So, I made this terribly complicated cake for easter, with it’s many layers and delicate balance of bittersweet chocolate, rich mascarpone whipped cream and fluffy sweet meringue cake. Below is my inspiration taken from sweetapolita. It is a really great recipe, I encourage you to try it. I would add a few tips: Be sure to have way more eggs on hand, I happened to because it was easter and I was planning on dying a few hardboiled eggs for the baskets. It took me 26 eggs to get 12 good egg whites, that didn’t have shell, or weren’t oddly discolored inside. After breaking 11 perfect eggs, the 12th egg ruined a batch, I recommend cracking each one at a time and then putting then into the mixer. It ook me tree attempts to learn this lesson.
But a prized well deserved and was definitely a crowd please. The Prof. says he would request it again, only because he saw how long it took me to accommplish it. That said I received alot of compliments and heard nothing but hmm, yumm, uh-uh while folks ate it. Below is my version just after I built the thing. It was amazing and delicious. But my how it grew in the oven. That leads me to my final tip, it suggest a low cooking temp — just 250 for 2.5 hours, I ended up leaving it in for 4, then a last hour in the oven while it was off — just to be sure the egg whites were good and baked.
It sure was pretty. Sorry no pictures of when we cut into it, but the layers held. Now it has moved on to the Fire Station to be devoured by my brother and a group of hungry firefighters.

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