design board: dining room

The fifth time, the charm. That’s how that saying goes, right? Likely not. But that’s just as well. I have updated the dining room design board. I am actually very pleased with this room in it’s current state. Because of the brilliant credenza and the art gallery above it that I am staring at right now. It’s also the room that’s farthest along, perhaps due to all these design boards I keep creating?  Here she is — version 5.0 — with the new AMAZING Luna Mae rug from Lulu & Georgiathat I am still convincing the Prof. about and the settee (he is already on board with) that I always go back to. Ideally in a pale blue velvet. You guys it is so so soft, and modern with roots in tradition. Sounds just like me, no wonder I like it. And the name is very cute: The Odette Sofette from MGBW. Buy it for me ok? Call it an early easter gift? Just kidding. (well, not really, will you please?) In the meantime, I will keep looking for more art and another rug option for what will likely be dining room design board no. 6. Wish me luck.

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