look what we built

I can’t believe I didn’t share this earlier. This one was the easiest project ever. We built the headboard over the summer. We took a 2 2×2’s, plywood measured to match our bed width. Stuck them together with brackets, then wrapped it with foam and a blue-grey linen just like a present. Added a nice line of brass trim and viola. We had our headboard, so shiny and perfect, I really loved this project and it was just so easy.

Topped it off with an amazing portrait I took on our honeymoon when we were in Italy, and a fun pillow in the shape of Oregon.
Here is that shiny brass trim, and below the other side of the room. With my pretty box, brass squirrel and lovely art.
That’s a bit how our bedroom in coming along. Still on the list of things to get are brass sconces on either side of the honeymoon print for reading lamps, a light fixture above the bed, window coverings, a new painting for across the bed and possibly a bench at the foot of the bed. Such a long list, instead of worrying about that, we’ll look at a pretty picture of coco juniper.

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