kitchen checklist

I am sitting in our kitchen, it is once again in a state of disarray as we continue with our painting and fixing. I love working on things, constantly tweaking and making it better. It has me thinking about all the other minute jobs I have yet to do just in the one room. Would you like to read an exhausting list, which is constantly running through my head?

For the kitchen:
ahem…  (in no order, but how it pops into my head.)

  1. repaint the black glass frame cabinet door set to white (to match the rest of the upper cabinets).
  2. sand & repaint the opening around the cabinet drawers, to smooth out 93 years of paint.
  3. finish the polyurethane coat in the interior cabinet shelves.
  4. build 5 new cabinet doors to match the originals. (we have the materials, just lacking hinges, see below.)
  5. re-build the 7 drawer fronts to match the existing cabinets, flush mounted.
  6. marble counter tops.
  7. marble backsplash tile in herringbone pattern.
  8. decide between venato and bianco, already decided tile will be polished.
  9. light fixture above sink.
  10. paint kick board under the cabinets black.
  11. finally choose drawer pulls (7), hinges (12 sets) and latches (12).
  12. hang picture rail.
  13. paint ceiling.
  14. add more outlets by sink and in nook.
  15. light fixture in mud room, add an outlet or two in there as well.
  16. new back door.
  17. new sink.
  18. new faucet.


  1. get a new range, refrigerator, and install new dishwasher drawers.
  2. tile behind the range in the herringbone all the way up to the ceiling.
  3. get a french style copper range-hood.
  4. a industrial shelf next to the new fridge.
  5. build shorter height cabinets next to new range.
  6. put in a swing door to dining room with round window & brass kick plate. (maybe?)

to make it look all pretty:

  1. a sweet over dyed navy oriental rug.
  2. wisteria stools.
  3. art on walls.
  4. roman shades in a simple & light coloured fabric for 2 windows.

Whew! What a list for one room. My only time oriented goal on these (which is of course finance driven) would be to get the counter and backsplash tile completed before next thanksgiving. I love making lists, if you like this one. I could make a few more just like it. Perhaps now as long though? What would you add? Or change? Do you have better ideas?

** Post Update: As you can see, I’ve updated the list by crossing off a few items. Perhaps this will help me keep stock on what I have left to do.**


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