great sofa search

Of all the decisions to make in a house, I have never bee nso challenged than by the sofa conundrum. I’ve always wanted one with a mid century flair, that is clear is looking below. For the last five or six years I’ve wanted leather, but now am thinking grey with a leather side chair. I’ve always adored the billy baldwin style with high arms and a single or at least a minimal number of seat cushions. So, here is the short list. You know me, visual lists always help.

the aiden from crate and barrel.

the bantam from design within reach.

the crosby sectional from west elm.

the murphy from room + board (for the family room, I LOVE this green velvet!)

the dunham from west elm.

the reese from room + board.

They are all remarkably close in price, so while still quite the investment, one isn’t way out of my league. The short short list: I really like the dunham for its simplicity. the crosby, because it is so fun with buttons, the lounge seat and the pseudo wingback side arm detailing. the reese and the bantam are similiar, I worry about the short arms, prefer the bantam for the back buttons, rather than seat buttons. And while the aiden has fabulous high arms, I wonder if it isn’t to unique and museumy. I don’t want to look like I stole business furniture. So, there’s my list. Which of these do you like? What about the grey versus a nice warm mid-century inspired leather?

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