favourite things

I am overdue for a favourite things post. And I happen to have a few things (understatement of the year) on my mind. Or just plain drooling over and obsessing about. Namely this fine emerald lady below. First, let’s step back a moment. As I mentioned in this post, I accepted the challenge to allow the Prof. to completely be in charge of and to decorate our downstairs family room. Since then I have not seen a single design layout, no furniture research has been done, not even colour planning. (what?! — say it isn’t so!) In part to aid him in his search and because (let’s be honest) he wasn’t really going to to do it without me, I thought a few hints would be alright. And this one below is a beautiful, emerald velvet hint.

From Room and Board, the murphy sofa (poorly named isn’t she?) I was thinking she could be the focal point of the family room, a real bright pop of compfy chicness. Our little one would love those cushions! And as I mentioned last week, it would be a perfect way to be a bit more daring with colour. Green being our favourite color, and I could always incorporate a few dashes of yellow, apricot and black. (you see why it is good to have those inspiration pieces?)

This rug (from anthopologie, of course) is perfect for little Coco’s room. It’s floral sweetness now comes with an ivory background color, which is even better, the colours stand out and you would only need a smaller 5 x 7, so that the pattern wouldn’t overwhelm the space. It would look brilliant next to this campaign chest and the west elm stripe bedding (which would make sure it wasn’t to little girlie). Next to my white parsons desk and a royal blue desk chair, and… (oh how I could go on…) But there favourite items is good enough for now.

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