design board: dining room

Attempt no. 4: I’ve lost count. I must love dining rooms. Honestly, this board wasn’t all that difficult to update. I’ve replaced the image with our actual credenza. Otherwise just cleaned it up a bit to follow the “big list”. What do yo think? I love it. See and already taking advantage of my list.

dining room 4

I am still on the hunt for a proper rug. It needs to be thin, like a dhurrie or lilim, but larger than the typical prayer rug size. I like the diamond patterns. and colourful, but not bright. yikes, am I picky. All these details have just cause: rugs are expensive. If I am going to pay a premium it’s gotta be the right one.
I also am looking at alternate settees. The one pictured above is the allegra from crate + barrel, which is now discontinued. I love the oddette from mgbw, the simone sofette from williams-sonoma, and the sutton sofette from west elm. Target even has a “trickle-down” version. Just have to test them out and see.

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