dining room inspiration

The great big list of kitchen projects made me so excited to tick things off. So inspired in fact, that I am determined to make more lists for a few other rooms in the house that have extensive projects. Before I get to the big list though, I to show you (don’t worry, just a few) inspiration images. We all love pretty pictures and as a visual person it helps me remember why I thought it might be a good idea to begin with. If you follow me on pinterest, you might have already noticed a feel or theme (I use that term very loosely) to each rooms already.
The gallery wall. We have begun building our own gallery wall. I hope to expand on it, particularly aiming for the texture and variety in the mediums below. I can see we definitely need more yellow, line drawings, photography and funky frames.
I love the kitty on the counter. But even better is the hit of colour and the vintage and organic texture. That’s our table, too.
The colours here are fabulous. While I don’t see a vibrant magenta rug in our future, I love how it plays against the austere white walls and counters the equally brilliant blues in the art. So playful. I would like to accomplish this with a different palette.
Like this one. Now these are colours and textures I can really get excited about. I love the depth of black. The glam of brass. And the juxtaposition of the rust and royal blue. Brilliant!
This one has a fun settee. I need a settee. Maybe in a plushie blue velvet like above, the lines on this one are simple and strong, with a high back. While cute, this color scheme below is far too saccharine for my tastes.
This room has many things to love. Wood floors. An amazing rug. Funky art. Plants. I really love that rug.
Now this would be a perfect DIY project for spring, our little coco loves to sit in the window. And she deserves a proper seat cushion. That grey is perfect to add cool tones, but it would need an ikat or vintage floral pillow for pizzaz.
Great styling on the credenza is essential. Someday, if we are over the gallery wall effect, I would love a huge photograph of a deer bed or a huge colourful modern abstract painting, you know, in the style of Michelle Armas. Now that would be stunning! We aren’t much of an open bar family, still it’s a very fresh vignette.
How about a coffee bar instead? The Prof. is a major coffee enthusiast. Is there really such a thing? Well, if there was, he would be it. This might be better suited in the kitchen, but if we had a cart styled this well full of pretty ikat bowls and gold rimmed glasses, I wouldn’t mind it in the dining room.
That’s about all I can think of for photo inspiration. There is more at my pinterest, follow me here.
On to the list. Now this room is one of our more “finished” rooms. But who are we kidding, are designers ever really done with a project? Nah. That’s why there is still a list. At least this one requires more design that rehabilitation (i.e. painting, repairing plaster, etc…) Drumroll, please.
  1. Refinishing the wood top of the built-in. (removing the paint is done, left to do: sand, stain and polyurethane)
  2. Replace current chandelier with a brass sputnik chandelier.
  3. A new rug. (dhurrie or kilim)
  4. Velvet settee (in royal blue, pale blue or kelly green?)
  5. Art, art, art! frames to go with. (paintings, etchings, photography)
  6. fig tree.
  7. Build an oval wood table top to go on our saarinen base. (to act as our “leaf” for larger groups).
  8. Remove the bookshelf. (place books in new living room bookshelf (see living room list.))
  9. Move around the art after the bookshelf leaves. get huge pieces as focal points.
  10. Kitten cushion in the window.
  11. Pillows galore and west elm throws!
When we finish out the upper floor, we will need a stair case, right about where the credenza is now. so we will lose a little space, a wall and a door. I would need to decide if we would incorporate a built-in buffet under the stairs for more dishes.
Again, a long list, but this one is pretty fun? What do you say, do we need another design board for this room. That would make, what my 3rd or 4th for the dining room? Challenge accepted!

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