design board: dining room

dining room

I’ve created a quick design board for the dining room. Some of these items I already have, others are still on my list. Now, I have a direction. I will have to add my ideas for wallpaper and light fixtures as those are the biggest stumpers right now. I would really love your suggestions!! I need to add more art to create a gallery wall. I tend to like art that has a sense of humor, classic pieces with a twist that make you laugh! Like the kitty with glasses. I just love that print. And I recently came across a new shop that had this amazing Milo Baughman credenza and realized that it is – the one! What do you think? Am I missing something? Is it too stark or too Mid century? I really enjoyed doing the board, so I will have to continue this with the other rooms in our house!!!


2 thoughts on “design board: dining room

  1. Hiii !! Oh il y a bien des petits animaux cachés quelque part Souvent les imprimé lÃb/Âopard©zèƒre, ça se trouve facilement ou alors les petits papillons (mais la rime est bonne ) Plein de bisous et merci à toi d’avoir lu et commenté, surtout

  2. la moneta elettronica è il passo terribile che portera' al controllo totale delle persone e queste con un solo clic verranno cancellate dal mondo senza contante.l'italia è l'unico paese al mondo dove si fara' questo esperimento.senza contante saremo in balia delle banche e degli uffici che traccieranno le ns liberta' dei cittadini non varra' piu' nulla

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