On this day…

henry and anne

Henry VIII married Anne Boleyn in secret. After a seven year long courtship, Anne had finally given in to Henry’s advances. Henry was still legally married to Katherine of Aragon, his first wife, which drew much wrath from the Catholic population. Their secret was out by May, and she was visibly pregnant. She was the last of Henry’s wives to be crowned.
NOTE: This image above is a later renaissance rendition of Henry and Anne hunting.
NOTE: According to historian David Starkey, this was actually Anne and Henry’s second secret wedding ceremony. Starkey and others assert now that Henry and Anne actually married in secret immediately upon their return to Dover from their successful visit to Calais to summit with french King Francis I. The supposition is that is was after this first ceremony that Anne and Henry consummated the marriage and conceived a child, as she would have been fully aware at the time of this (second) ceremony that she was with child.

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