thinking about color

I am loving a good rusty orange right now. Would it look good in a few of these combos below? We will have white washed paneled walls with dark wood floor. The contrast is so good. But it need colour and I feel like in the family room (rather than the more public living room), I could be a bit more bold and experimentive. You now how much I love colour.

I am hoping to convince the Prof. that we should paint the brick black, it has already been painted on this side and as much as I would love the original brick texture, there is no way I am going through that painstaking process. I love the salmon, maroon + rusty orange in this image above. But is it too girly with the pink/purple thing going on?

This one is moody and dark. Here peaches play off the rust and keep warm with a banana yellow sofa. This may be too bold a sofa for me, but I enjoy what the colours are doing, perhaps a yellow pillow, art, or even a side chair. I was planning on painting the built-in’s a terrific blue grey, but these are pretty hot. We’ll get that dark wood feeling though the floors though.

Now this is just beyond! The rust is all mellowed out with blue/light teal shelving. This is what I had in mind for the shelves. And that floral pillow kills. I could find an even better vintage one, but the shape of that chair is brilliant!

Not so much rust here and far more traditional in the colour scheme. But I still enjoy that yellow. It’s an old west elm piece, perhaps I can use that as my pop of yellow from the image above? The ivory sofa is a tad boring, but with a rust chair, blue shelves like these, yellow stool, and fun faux wormwood side tables, it just might work. So, which one do you like? Or how would you incorporate the colours here?


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