g is for girl

Today we celebrated at a gender reveal party, complete with marshmallow frosting filled cupcakes. Our good friends are having a baby and asked me to make cupcakes for the big party. It was a bit tricky to keep the secret. But making a giant batch of pink frosting helped! Because I was so excited about the big reveal I’ve created two design boards. Because that is just the sort of thing I do. One for a girl and one for a boy. As you can see, this is the girly board.
Just for you, here are a few links to the items above: You know, in case you might want a few of these items for yourself. I know I sure do!
Dwell CRIB. Robert Abbey Delta LAMP. Laura PRINT by Michelle Armas. Knock off WombCHAIR. Blabla DOLLS. Grey stripe RUG. Ceramic bird PENDANT. Auggie BEDDING. Do-it-yourself kitty QUILT. Kalahari Vignettes WALLPAPER. Brahm’s Mount throw BLANKET. Geometric ceiling LAMP. Bunny MOBILE. Polka dot DUVET. Pale pink POUF. DiamondPILLOW. Rattan elephant HAMPER. Fawn PRINT. Eleanor the Bear DOLL. Grey dot cribSHEET.
The campaign chest with shelf is a terrific search for craigslist. I would fill it with the penguinCLASSICS designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith, held in place by these unicorn BOOKENDSwith humpty dumpty TCHOTCHKE on top of it all. I would set all the art (like this alphabetPRINT) real low and perhaps paint stripes on the ceiling, afterall, babies are low crawlers or sleeping on their backs in the crib. You could layer the floor with this PILLOW or this ONEand the ikea SHEEPSKIN to create compfy layers for playing with baby.
Another of my sweet friends are having a baby boy, so I’ll share that board with you tomorrow. Good night for now!

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