window shopping

Ran across this on Pinterest recently. Look at those genius window coverings. Perfect solution for our low windows and this short-selfed lady.
Speaking of ideas, we have been throwing around what to do in our downstairs family room. I have a few pictures in my head of the direction we’d go, then the Prof made a comment that he could do just as good (yet he would choose different items — insert smirk) So, of course I dared (nay, challenged) him to decorate the room entirely by himself. I said it would take months of planning and research and much heavy thinking, to which of course he replied (jokingly, albeit) that he would just rashly pick a few things up and it would look just as good. Well, you know very well what I thought — challenge accepted! I am really eager to see what he comes up with. Just for grins, I am creating a design board to compare just how awesome it all turns out. (And see who wins the design star bet!)
ps. Isn’t that like fixture awesome? I have been seeing block lanterns everywhere lately, really digging the hexagon here.

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