for the kids

I don’t have kids, nor am I around them all that much these days. But let’s be real – I’m no grown-up, so I like to think I have a handle on some items that might just do in a gifting pinch…
1. Monaco-style racing helmet and goggles $32 2. Naef movable musical wooden puzzle $190 3. wind-up printed steel train $12 4. “Letter to Santa” envelope sticker seals $10 for 12 5. Juicy Couture metallic gold baby loafers $58 6. 1950s die-cast metal red truck $9 7. French wooden ABC blocks $37 8. J.Crew girls’ glitter over-nighter case $98 9. super duper top secret spy kit $39 10. Fanella the Flamingo and Alvin the Alligator $30 each 11. Land of Nod layered tutu $32 12. Crayola mini nail polish set $15 13. set of 6 glitter bobbi hair clips $25 14. Sharon Montrose climbing bear cubs print $25+ 15. Menagerie by Sharon Montrose $25 16. MoMA shop constructable drinking straw $14 17. Wolfgang Amadeus mini piano $79 18. Array color-centric brainteaser card game $15 19. MoMA postcard sketchbook $7 20. Faber-Castell Polychromos pencil sets $19+ 21. Draw Me a House by Thibaud Herem $14 22. Phaidon’s The Art Book for Children (2005, 2 volumes) $20 each 23. fold-up airport in a box set $48 24. J.Crew girls’ glitter McCalister boots $118 25. Rifle Paper Co. thank you cards $18


Another amazing board by Sarah at Note to Self Blog. Much thanks for the great inspiration & ideas.

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