Sweet November

love November. Falling leaves, crisp air perfect for sweaters, more time spent indoor reading wonderful tales. It also is to host the greatest holiday of them all — thanksgiving. What’s better than a day off to spend with great friends and family eating a huge and delicious meal?
It might also happen to be my birthday month and a great excuse to create a little visual wishlist of sorts. You know, just in case…

ONE: American Apparel has the most interesting nail polish, I love african violet, hunter, office and pinto. TWO: Would love to get this print I took in Italy exploded onto canvas fromart.com  THREE: Shouldn’t everyone own a pair of camel heels, especially these with red bottoms. FOUR: These polka tights are tops. FIVE: I would love to put in a new driveway, complete with grass up the middle. SIX: Oh! How I wish J.Crew was my closet, this mini is perfection. Violet or ivory would also be lovely. SEVEN: A goal of mine is to finally recover that living room chair of ours. EIGHT: Who could resist Blabla’s Beauregard the Wolf? NINE: A small stack of Coralie Bickford-Smith’s penguin classics, like Treasure Island, Dracula, A Christmas Carol, Gulliver’s Travels, or my favourite Tales from 1,001 Arabian Nights. TEN: A year subscription to Traditional Home or even House & Home would make perfect cold weather reading. ELEVEN: J.Crew has the most wonderful sweaters, I’d love one of each, but the camel, garland, bright azalea or seamist would be dreamy.


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