around the house

Soon after we moved in the new house, our first order of business would be what I like to call Phase 1, painting all the rooms. That’s right, every single room. We can officially cross Phase 1 off the list. (woo-hoo!) There is a bit of trim to tidy up and paint a ceiling, maybe two. Oh, and 4 of the 5 closets. But none of that was included in Phase 1. Needless to say, the paint brushes haven’t been packed up yet, but the majority is done. So, I thought I would share a few photos and give credit to the colours themselves, which are amazing and I am so happy with. I am a firm believer in paint. A little goes a long way to changing the feel or a room and cleaning up a space.
In the kitchen, we toned down the 1950’s yellow with a Sherwin Williams (SW) Agreeable Grey, the lower cabinets became (SW) Dovetail, the white upper cabinets are (SW) Alabaster (same as the trim throughout the house) and the black is Black. Not sure if we’ll keep it, what do you all think?

The dining room was lightened up with (SW) Vellum. A perfect creamy white, different enough from the alabaster to highlight all the trim and built-ins. This is my favourite room right now, so very clean and empty.

A quick detail shot of the Michelle Armas print I finally framed. Table is (SW) Serious Grey.
Living room is Restoration Hardware Sycamore green. So soft and smooth, changes color throughout the day. The mantle (not pictured) is also Serious Grey, I seriously have a ton on hand and painted that our second night in the house, just because I could.

The office got a custom matched very pale blue that was a very old Ben Moore color, and the dresser is getting made over in black. Knobs still to come.

Coco’s room is still a custom mixed chartreuse, I picked a color, it was too intense, I added white until it was tolerable. This is just a gratuitous picture of our adorable grey kitty and her new baby, Suzette the Fox.

Bathroom closet. Can I just mention here that painting a closet is a pain in the neck, I had paint all over me — in my hair, on my back, under my arm. How did it even get there? Well, now it is alabaster and (SW) Dorian Grey (on the shelves) and I love it. Really dreading the other 4 closets. Just look at the pretty closet with all my container store containers!

The bathroom was done over in two-tone, (SW) Aesthetic White on the bottom and upper & trim in the beloved Alabaster. Rug & shower curtain are from West Elm.

Bedroom is also Agreeable Grey (same as the kitchen). I am thinking of doing the ceiling is a bright but modern yellow to add a warm glow. And definitely need to hang more art.
Detail shot of my dresser, with my beloved objects, a friends photography, my brass squirrel, bone inlayed wood jewelry box and the chartreuse lamps we wired ourselves. Whew! Quite a tour. What do you think? What’s it missing? Should I paint the ceilings fun colors or let them be?

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