bright ideas

lighting ideas

As we start wrapping up painting, I’ve begun to think about the next projects. I’ve put together a little visual list to get down the ideas floating in my head about lighting. I was worried all the ideas I’ve had wouldn’t really go together, but this board just allayed me feelings. The common themes are definitely spheres, gold and mid-century modern. Again, the common theme of combining vintage and modern continues. Without further ado, the list of my bright ideas and where I intend to place said light fixture…
  1.  — kitchen, above the sink surrounded by grey walls & alabaster white cabinets.
  2.  — dining room, on the bookshelves, on creamy walls & hordes of books.
  3.  — dining room, main chandy, above the white saarinen table & black eames chairs.
  4.  — living room next to the sofa, in a soft sycamore green room.
  5.  — living room, above a vintage leather chair & black side table.
  6.  — on a wood desk, not sure which room, maybe the office?
  7.  — guest room, with light chartreuse green walls, black bed frame and colourful pillows.
  8.  — hallway ceiling, dark grey walls covered in art.
  9.  — bathroom, above the clawfoot tub, with soft ivory walls.
  10.  — bathroom, above the sink, next to witty art and a bright dish holding toothbrushes.
  11.  — bedroom, two each above the headboard on either side for reading.
  12.  — office, main chandy surrounded by the softest of blue walls & above a vintage wood desk.

A few lighting fixtures I am still undecided on: the delicate & glassy bedroom ceiling light, main kitchen lighting/possible fan with other lighting combo, fun & funky mudroom ceiling light, classy tear drop living room chandelier and possibly a few table lamps, and reading floor lamps. Whew! That’s quite a list. And quite a few of these puppies are not cheap. I will have to start saving my pennies right now!


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