the little things

I went around our house collecting images of the projects we’ve been working on. I will spare you the little details, like the adventures of putting up a closet coat rack! But even after months of projects, I wasn’t entirely sure what to report on. Below are the most notable changes, below I threw together a few before and afters. These are by no means styled or complete, but give you a hint of what’s been happening.
Kitchen: Note the end of the scalloped shelves and the lovely soft grey.
Guest bedroom: Away with the 2-tone browns, light green has arrived! Please excuse the wonky blind. And sweet little Coco Juniper relaxing in her new room.
Master bedroom: Grey has taken over once again and yes that is tartan!!!
Recent project: After painting all the doors white, I have a few well chosen colors for the door frames. All inspired by Eames/Neutra colors. You can see three here in the hallway. Oh! and more grey, this color is Dorian Grey. That makes me happy.
A sneak peek of a project yet to come, a red door frame with a swatch of light blue for the office. Such a happy combination, isn’t?

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