love story

I must be in a romantic mood. Today marks the day that the Prof. took me to a field of tulips and sweetly proposed. In the same vein I wanted to share pictures, some I hadn’t seen before of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier’s love story. I am a bit of a sentimentalist, and a sucker for a good romance. Follow along more of their love story at this sweet montage.

Many of the world’s greatest love stories begin with love at first sight; then there are those, which take a little longer for love to blossom . . .
Friday, May 6, 1955 was to be a day like any other for the calculatingly beautiful silver screen actress, Grace Kelly — she would speak to the press of an upcoming film, provide numerous media interviews, go to the hairdresser, meet a prince in Monaco & attend a gala dinner held in her honour that night.

The first meeting between Prince Rainier III of Monaco & Grace Kelly had been arranged by Paris-Match & it is rumoured that Grace, exhausted by her whirlwind European tour, originally attempted to cancel the meeting — but, as if intended by Cupid himself, she attended; what proceeded was an elegant afternoon strolling through the palace gardens with much polite conversation. Needless to say, the first meeting was not entirely romantic due in large part, to the addition of numerous photographers, royal minders & a journalist.

Above, in December, 1955, the engagement of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier was announced; he first gave her a friendship ring of diamonds and rubies (above}, followed by a twelve-carat emerald-cut diamond engagement ring.

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