Gift Guide #5

The Very Merry Gift Guide No. 5: For your artsy-cool Sister who can pull off anything and makes the best playlists.
the LIST: ONE: Since she minored in french — and so she’ll never forget that semester abroad! TWO: She really does make great mixed tapes, here’s a card to inspire you to make one for her. THREE: To beef up her personallibrary post-Art School. FOUR: Inspired by her recent trip to Amsterdam — new Oxfords. FIVE: The quintessential laid-back dress and she’ll look amazing! SIX: Every vegetarian’s must-have! SEVEN: Help her deck out her own studio with a new light tableEIGHT: Make that iBook go the extra mileNINE: To pull her through these last all-nighters in style. TEN: Hip head scarf only she could pull off! ELEVEN: Gorgeous and unique necklace — perfect for little sis. TWELVE: Never can have too many art supplies. Maybe she’ll even make a painting for you!?!



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