Gift Guide #4

The Very Merry Gift Guide No. 4: For your Sassy Friend who can cook anything and always makes you laugh.
the LIST: ONE: This Cranberry juice is delicious by itself or when you’re feeling saucy to mix into a cocktail!TWO: Because she looks soo good in black — why not add a bit of sparkle for a night out! THREE: Only she could pull off a cheeky necklace like this one! FOUR: Inspiring art for her walls. Might even inspire her next vacation! FIVE: A new take on the classic cake plates — go noirSIX: She is already a brilliant cook, but thesetales will inspire even more delicious meals. SEVEN: Stay Classy with these. They crack me up! EIGHT:Adorable artsy kitchen towels to go with her great kitchenNINE: A must-have for staying in and enjoying a cozy cup of hot cocoa. TEN: Sexy red lipstick that you know is perfect for her complexion, but she would never buy herself. ELEVEN: The latest Fables volume is coming out and no one can resist the mischievous twists on classic fairy tales. TWELVE: Sexy tights for those cold (or hot!) date nights!



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