I got a visit from my dad today and he brought me something that made my day. So, I thought I’d share them with you all. I hope you get a good little giggle out of them! I sure did! It brought back so many great memories!!


That’s me in the kitchen baking cookies. I loved sitting up in that chair, I always felt so grown up!


Posing for the camera in a cute pink snow suit in our backyard.


Me and my dad at christmastime and I am ecstatic! Look at my red jumper – it even had bootie-feet!
I love looking back at old photos, do you have a favourite from when you were younger?

One thought on “priceless

  1. I enjoyed this demo a lot and I&82l17;#l probably pick it up. I enjoyed the graphics, the characters and the dark fairy tale feel of the story. Being able to mix up magic with daggers and/or swordplay made the battles fun, instead of a chore like in some RPG. I’ll most definitely play as a girl the first time around, which marks a first for me (I usually do a play through as a male first and later as a female if that option exists).

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