favourite things

I LOVE to make lists. Seriously, LOVE it! So, I made this one just for fun. No reason really. What’s on your wishlist lately? I’ve listed a few items and attached a link if there is one, so you can add these things to your own wishlist, or if you are looking for a gift idea for family or friends! I like this idea so much I might have to do holiday gift guides. What do you think of that?
  1. The Parsons desk.
  2. An oriental rug, for the dining room.
  3. signet ring.
  4. vintage sugar dish, for my tea.
  5. The new Design*Sponge book.
  6. Tivoli radio & alarm clock.
  7. Adorable poster.
  8. Elva Fields necklace, these have been on my list for a very long time.
  9. The Star Egg lamp.
  10. Wood Inlay jewelry box.
  11. A rainbow of sweaters.
  12. Custom Calling cards.
**Maybe it’s a Friday thing, but I love thinking about little projects like making lists!**

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