style crush: rita konig

Her name has been in the air. I have seen a few pictures of her place around lately and has me lusting after her layered peppy and usually feminine touch. I am so inspired by the layers and the tiny additions that make it feel, well, lived in. So many places, especially in magazines can feel more museum than home and that’s not great.

She has somewhat recently moved into a new place and reupholstered her sofa and I just LOVE it! I don’t know that I could be that bold, with a patterned sofa or if the Prof. would love all the pink accents. But just look at all the details! The kilim rug, a nod to the British with antlers atop a roaring fire, kitschy floral lamps, textured chairs, photo collages. Which by the way was the inspiration of my recent revamp in our kitchen. (But I will save that for another day.)

Here is a close up of her sofa before the makeover, it was upholstered in a rough burlap. I see how it went well before, but I like it much better now!

The contrast between her two bedrooms is slight in style, both have wallpaper, ruffles and femininity, but the image below has just the right amount of texture that doesn’t overwhelm. Perhaps it is the scale and the rough wood and layered books on the nightstand. In her column she mentioned choosing sheets like a collection, I’ve never thought about it that way, but they can be pricy. Likely why my “collection” is so small.

She has a brilliant way with wallpaper. I am envious. I have already explained to the Prof. to be prepared for that in our near future! her old bath above, new one below.
I was reading something not long ago, that I wish I could find again, but it was Rita’s philosophy on paint and wallpaper. She mentioned that wallpaper gives the impression that the pattern goes on and on, while paint stops the eye with the line at the border. I love that!
And I really LOVE this! Perfect with that tile.
Her mother’s design: Nina Campbell perroquet wallpaper in the black colourway! I must find something to paper this in!!
And I will leave you with this last shot of Rita, as seen in domino with her cute little fiat.

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