design crush: jenny komenda

I have been so obsessed with this picture lately. Ever since it was posted over on Jenny’s blog, I have desired those little lamps that resemble mushrooms! What I love about this inspiration images are the organic lamps next to the very geometric mirror! And that bright yellow door! The bookshelf, rug and houseplants also help the overall scheme. You can follow her adventure of how she found these first as inspiration from none other than Gossip Girl, then tracked them down in a random little shop in New York.

She recently has posted much about her current house projects and I just adore getting little glimpses into her current space! But these mushroom lamps i have been obsessed with! I mean, just look at them. They are weird, traditional, but organic and modern… Can a sconce really be all that?! How excited am I??

And here is a close-up showing the edge of that AMAZING gilt mirror and one sconce!
Then a few more shots just for fun of my other favourite spots in her NYC loft!
The entry with that fabulous peacock bureau and her new settee. LOVE the colour combination here!
The living area and those awesomely traditional sofa and cushions that still manage to be super cool!

And my personal favourite space- the office! Books, oriental rugs, bright blue chairs! Colour galore! What is not to love!!!

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