digging your vibe

There are many things I LOVE about these two photos. Don’t they just conjure up the late 70’s? But this sofa is great. What’s really brilliant is how you can sit sideways and still be comfortable. The rug and sheepskin aren’t too shabby either though.

This sofa above has sleeker lines, with a built-in cushion back, rather than the pillow back. Aren’t those side tables and Danish shelving gorgeous? Below a few Room and Board options I found that are close to these. For a while now, I’ve been pinning after the very bottom option — the Reese, but these photos have got me thinking recently about these other two options. What do you think? I worry about pillow back sofa cushions losing there shape, but the built-ins might be a bit too stiff. So many choices…. I am not purchasing one anytime soon, but it’s fun to dream.
This one would be great in a dark blue, don’t you think? Although, leather would be ideal and long-lasting!

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