the final countdown

We FINALLY saw the last installment of Harry Potter. It was pretty awesome. You all know how much of a fan I am. In past years I have been known to knit scarves for each of the houses, break out the old graduation robes and get friends to whittle a few wands for the occasion of a book or movie opening. This year however, I didn’t get to the midnight show or even the opening day. And didn’t dress up. This didn’t mean that I was any less excited but it does feel like an end of an era. I had read a fair amount about it and obviously had developed my own expectations as it was the final installment. It was pretty action packed, considering so much of Part One consisted of the thoughtful portions of the story. It also had its moments of heartbreak, but rather than just ending with a bang — the entire thing was a bang, Definitely living up to my expectations. And as expected, ended with good triumphing over evil — who doesn’t like that? How many of you have seen it? Now, that you’ve seen them all — which is your favourite? Need a quick re-cap to remember before you see it. This one cracked me up.

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