fonts: archer

I realized it’s been a while since I’ve posted about a font. You know sometimes it is so difficult to really pick just one. I figure how I look at fonts is how some feel about choosing a favourite song or band. There are so many options, when I start getting tired of scripts and moving into the slabs. I see a really beautiful thin organic that just makes me smile. But really what makes it solid gold for me is the mixing of families or styles. Just like decorating with a brocade covered Louis XIV chair and a bright white saarinen tulip side table — a winning combination by the way.
So, along comes Archer — a fantastic font that that is willing to go out with everybody.
So, here’s a slab for you that is like the underdog, or sidekick that bests his main man, inda like Al Borland.

And here are her dates for the evening: Gotham, a personal favourite. The mix in weights is sublime, don’t you think?

Check out that Q–

Knockout. Used brilliantly here as book bind titles. Conjures up a bit of the WPA era goodness.

And certainly not least…Verlag. The names leaves a bit to be desired, but it has a delicious retro flair that makes it hard to resist.


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