lamp hunting

In my miles upon miles of inspiration photos, I often lose track of where the image is from and occasionally I like something so much I want to have it! Well, in this such occasion I have come across, perhaps, not the exact version, but an awfully close one to the original! And I am so excited that I might just purchase this one. If the Prof. agrees of course! So, consider this mystery — FOUND!
Inspiration photo: Joy & Bob’s (from Oh Joy!) apartment re-do via Emily Henderson’snew HGTV show Secrets from a Stylist. See the cute lamps. They were my favourite part of this re-design. Although, I guess I do love the wallpaper, sofa and credenza, too.

And found! From Room and Board, it is the Tenda Pharmacy Lamp and comes in both silver or gold. I am partial to the gold. I hope to place it right next to my sofa for reading and computering. What do you think? Pretty awesome, huh?!!

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