songs in my head

Do you ever have songs stuck in your head? Sure you do, right. I am terrible with music, picking a song or even a cd, knowing what artist is playing on the radio. Heck, the only radio I listen to these days is the Sunday morning classical. (It is pretty inspiring, admit it.) Yet for some reason I tend to always wish that other people could hear the soundtrack of my life, I always seem to feel, just like in the movies that music follows me wherever I go and usually matches my mood, sometimes like a premonition it gets dark before I even know what’s coming. The best soundtracks come when I am daydreaming and right now, I think I’ve found the band to match my doey-eyed stare out the window on a long sunny afternoon mood. She & Him. I first came across their music in this adorable music video.
I LOVE her hop at the end! What song matches the mood you are in right now?

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