suit up

It’s that season again, the dreaded swimsuit season. You know I love to swim, so much so that if my desk was in a pool, I would be in heaven! Yet, for some reason I loathe swimsuit shopping; trying on one after the other, watching your self-esteem ride a roller coaster. Last year though, I hit a gold mine and found a marvelous one-piece. That’s my first one-piece since I was a little girl. Now, I went back to the one-piece for several reasons; I get a bit blotchy in the sun, as in I am slightly allergic. I know a true Oregonian at heart, right? I also wanted to go for a little vintage flare in the cut and be able to wear it with skirts. And I’ll be honest and not pretend there was a slight cowardice in me that wasn’t quite ready to bare it all in a bikini again.

After I saw this suit, though, it has me thinking — dare I try a bikini? This one from J.Crew is part playful polka dot, part vintage cool. What about you – what is your go-to suit? A one-piece or two?
**Post update: I finally ordered this suit. It arrived today and it is darling!!! The navy and polka dots are perfect!**

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